Mobile Notary Services

Heather McKenzie

Mobile Notary


In order to notarize any documentation, please provide a copy of your drivers license. As a mobile notary, I require all appointments to be met in a public location. Please also note that all payments must be made up front before appointments are made. 



Protesting a bill or note for non-acceptance or non payment and seal $4.00

Each additional document $1.00

 Taking the acknowledgment or proof of any deed or other instrument in writing, for registration, including certificate and seal
For the first $6.00

For each signature $1.00

Administering an oath or affirmation with certificate and seal $6.00

All certificates under seal not otherwise provided for $6.00

Copies of all records and papers in the Notary Public’s office  $0.50 (per page)

Taking the depositions of witnesses $0.50 (per 100 words) 

Swearing a witness to a deposition, certificate, seal, and other business connected with taking the deposition $6.00

All notarial acts not provided for $6.00


0-10 Miles -  $25.00
11-25 Miles – 50.00
25 miles or more - $100.00